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Doctor Who Nerds

...delving into the geekier side of Who...

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Welcome to dw_nerds! This is the place if you want to discuss the more serious, darker and geekier side of Doctor Who and it's spin-offs. Our main focus is the philosophy of Doctor Who, but theories/reviews/meta/other writings are also welcome as well as general on-topic discussion.

- Be nice. Respect other member's point of views, 'ships, theories and so on and so forth. If I see you insulting another member in any way you will be warned or be banned from the com.
- Please keep my inner-Ianto happy and try to make the com look tidy, all long essays etc.. should be placed behind a cut.
- Also place behind cuts spoilers and anything containing adult material.
- No fics and graphics to be posted here please. As much as I love them, there's a million and one other coms out there where you can do that, not here.
- Remember to stay reasonably on topic. By all means discuss the portrayal of the 'devil' in "The Satan Pit" and the philosophical issues it raises, but don't make a post just to say "I like 4th's scarf" sort of thing.

I'm not going to sit here for hours and tell you what's allowed and what isn't. Use your brains. I'll tell you if you're out of line.